Alfa Insurance

Automated Payment Line                                 1-800-416-0650
Customer Resource Center  1-800-964-2532
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Alfa Vision or Alfa Specialty

Alfa Vision Policyholders  
24 Hour Automated Customer Service               1-877-784-7466
Toll Free Customer Service and Billing 1-877-384-7466
Claims Customer Service 1-877-584-7466
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Alfa Specialty Policyholders  
Customer Service / Bill Pay 1-800-964-2532


Customer Service                                                1-800-876-5581
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Roadside Assistance



Other Carriers

If your insurance carrier isn't listed on this page, please contact our office at 478-741-1155 to determine your payment options.  Alternatley, contact us via email and we will respond with a link to the appropriate web pay portal.